Every city in India has its own features and attractions. In India with every 200 km there is a new city, new culture and a new way of speaking and greeting and all this welcomes you with lots of excitement and experiences. So according to me there is no doubt that our whole country is Made of Great. But today I am going to tell you about my favourite city in India. You all must be thinking that I would go for my hometown i.e. Agra. But this time it’s not the same as it is famous for its historical sites and I don’t like these sites much. So, coming to my bid for favourite city, this time I am going for New Delhi, bole to Dil waalon ki Dilli; Yes, it’s my favourite city and also the National Capital of the Republic of India. Though I am not a delhiite but I have been living in the National Capital Region since last 4 years, so technically this makes me a half-delhiite.
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Delhi enjoys few advantages for being the national capital but the city has tremendous potential and I must say it’s a full on modern-desi combo pack. However, it is situated in the Northern part of India despite of this it is considered as the centre may be because of its political influence and residing people from all states & territories of India. There are various things which I like the most about Delhi such as its Food, Roads, Market and other places. There is one more thing which I like about Delhi is that it is the greenest capital in the world. Apart from this there are some more things which I would like to add about Delhi. So here I am describing about Delhi on three topics such as Drive, Design & Connect.


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Delhi has a vast, complex and well maintained network of roads. Almost all the roads have six or eight lanes, still sometimes your GPS finds it difficult to locate some places or roads, after all it’s a part of the Indian Road Network and I guess we need a true Indian GPS to understand the same because such a complex network needs a more complex brain or some algorithms that run parallel through your mind and always try to understand and re-calculate shortest routes and at the end what happens is that every effort made by your GPS fails ! and  then you drive on your own with a thrill of reaching your destinations through an unknown path! Yeah, that’s the real excitement what most of the crazy drivers look for ! Driving your own vehicle unknowingly where you are really heading up to and chasing other cars that come in between and you don’t know where and when the race started with a crazy rich random racer driving a Jaguar or a Porsche at 12 Midnight and suddenly you feel the heat of ignition, the sound of massive engines and the smell of burning tyres those having super wide wheelbase and the supercars having extremely low ground clearance that drive your craze to the 7th level and remember it never ends !! The other side of driving in the capital city is the never ending traffic jam in some areas during day time in Delhi, but that is also enjoyable. When you travel you might notice one thing that cars drifting slowly in the traffic jam of New Delhi having only a gap of few inches in between and on the sides and the drivers !!!, they take it as a challenge to drive in such conditions and it all seems like children playing video game and trying to defend their cars from getting hit by other cars and then staring at each other just to prove that Man Thing !


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Architecture of Delhi is a blend of British, Hindu and Islamic style. It houses royal buildings such as Parliament, Vidhan Sabha, Supreme Court, etc. as well as some historical buildings such as Red Fort, Purana Quila, Humayun’s Tomb, Qutub Minar, Jantar Mantar, etc. When you walk through any random road of Delhi and you see the branches of trees merging up from both the sides of the road like two lovers meeting after a decade and suddenly you notice those`lovely colorful flowers falling down on the deep black coloured, clean and marked charcoal of the roads then the design of the whole environment gives you the feel like you are an ambassador who is walking down through the gardens of Royal Embassies.
Now lets come to CP, i.e., Connaught Place, which is one of the most visited places in Delhi, with two concentric circles dividing the area in to blocks and having a central park in its centre, which exactly looks like a core. The central park has the world’s highest and largest Indian flag hoisted on the Indian land in the heart of New Delhi, i.e., Connaught Place. Apart from this Delhi is the only city in India which has signboards printed in four languages, i.e., English, हिंदी, ਪੰਜਾਬੀ and اردو.
Delhi’s most famous marketplace: Chandni Chowk has such an interesting design that when you go through them you get a feel of your childhood or old movies that show the old architecture of the capital and you enjoy being a part of all conjested places, small side shops, loudness of people and horns of vehicles, ultra small streets and ofcourse the smoke coming out of the exit windows of every restaurant or sweet shop. This is what attracts you because it gives you the feel of real market and it happens many times that you don’t feel like going to luxury places or malls for shopping and you prefer this place called, “Chandni Chowk”.


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Talking about its connectivity, Delhi is very well connected to all the parts of India via Air, Road and Rail. It is home to South Asia’s busiest airport that is Indira Gandhi International Airport. Delhi’s railway stations are also one of the busiest railway stations in India. Metro Rail is one of the main attractions in Delhi. The most exciting moment in the Delhi Metro is when you are travelling through Rajiv Chowk Station and you are struggling to get out from the metro and you get automatically inside the metro with the rush. At that time, a moment comes when you decide that let’s go with the flow. There are certain things which you must do while your visit to Delhi. Travelling in a Delhi metro is one of the things to do, otherwise your journey would be incomplete. If we talk about roads there are several expressways connecting Delhi NCR to other cities such as Delhi Gurgaon Expressway, Yamuna Expressway, etc. These expressways also take you upto India’s 1st F1 racing track, i.e., Buddh International Circuit.

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