Places to visit in Maldives

The Maldives is a place that spills luxury at every step. This exotic location has over 26 oval-shaped atolls and more than 1000 islands; it is for the exotic ambiance and pristine aqua that attracts tourists worldwide. The Maldives is also known for the serene landscape and Under and over private water villas with personalized pools, etc., all treasure wrapped in luxury and comfort.

Humans long for distinct experiences; our soul craves adventure and an escape from the chaos of our monotonous routine; this brimming holiday destination is loaded with a plethora of water activities for the thrill-seekers.

It is easy to pick good out of evil, but when the Maldives and every place location is almost perfect, the task becomes a bit challenging. Therefore, we have carefully complied with the six most splendid places to visit in Maldives Tour

Maldive Victory

Maldive victory is an idyll diving site of the entire nation. It is believed that the most beautiful place has often undergone a lot of destruction. Similarly, Maldives victory was formerly a cargo ship with the length of 110-meter width 31 meters that sank eventually in 1981; later, the ship was discovered by a few dive operators and currently cherished as one of the beautiful dive sites, so if you are planning a trip to the Maldives do not miss on this enthralling experience where you will get to unveil the hidden underwater gems, group of turtles, spiny mackerels and brimming colourful coral reefs.


Hulhumale - Places to visit in Maldives

We all love the idea of laying in the lap of nature, but what if you get the chance to unwind in nature but made artificially by the ingenious Minds, isn’t that fascinating?

One such place is Hulhumale, located in the south of north male Atoll; this shimmering island has the most exquisite tropical setting, palm trees with splendid beaches, a perfect urban life without compromising on the element of nature.

It is a beautiful place to explore on your trip to the Maldives. There’s plenty of recreational activities and space to revitalize. Take a tour of the city to experience the local cuisine and culture; since Hulhumale is well-connected with the airport, you may plan a stay a few days before leaving the Maldives.

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National Museum Maldives

You must be wondering how & where amidst crystal clear aqua and lush green luxury sits a museum? The National Museum of the Maldives was established in 1952 to preserve the royal antiques and the significant collection of artifacts from the pre-rulers of the Maldives.

This vintage three-storied building is located in the sultan park, previously a kind of the Maldives. This museum is a perfect place for an archaeological lover; you will have a great time scanning the engraves on the walls and skimming through the gallery of ancient Maldivian chapters and the history of the Maldives.


Fulhado, located approximately 2 hours from the capital male, you will find yourself miles away from your deadly routine and monotonous life. Considered one of the great places to visit in Maldives, this island is everything that your soul has yearned for. Be it exploring the underwater world or laying back on the white sand. You will experience utmost tranquillity and alone time with yourself, and your loved one.

Despite the fact that Fulhado’s beauty lies in exploring the hidden treasure, you can enjoy the fun-loving activities alongside. However, Fulhado promises the most memorable experience And contentment.

Utheemu Island

Utheemu Island - Places to visit in Maldives
Utheemu Island

Utheemu island is a piece of heaven tucked on Haa Alif Atoll; apart from being a picturesque island, it is also known for its historical significance. Utheemu island is a perfect getaway for family and solo travelers with a pleasant ambiance and serene beaches. Primate adventure of this place revolves around Utheemu Ganduvaru, an ancient monument that was once a place of monarch sultan Mohamed Thakurufannu. Apart from that, the therapeutic sunset and rhythmic sound of waves crashing against your feet will propel you to extend your stay.

Gan island

Regardless of where you look, a sense of peace and contentment will embrace you at Gan island. You will breathe ecstasy and joy in the mild breeze here. Gan Island is also one of the best places to visit in Maldives, which is the southernmost Atoll of the Maldives, quite far from the capital city male. Although here you will experience Serenity like never before, you will find ultimate peace in the atmosphere that speaks in the voice of nature. Aside from that, the place is an abode for an array of underwater and fun-loving activities, which for sure will make you revisit the site.

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