Rohtang Pass Road - Travelling to Hill Stations

Travelling to hill station and driving there can be thrilling as well as scary sometimes. Driving or riding on hill stations requires special skills. as there can be passes or blind curves or hairpin bends. Here are some of the Do’s and Don’ts that one must follow while riding on hills.

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  • As you prepare to climb the uphill road please see that your vehicle has up-to-date PUC (Pollution under control certificate). If found guilty, you could be prevented from climbing up to your destination.
  • Please do not honk your horn unnecessarily and certainly not the pressure horns.
  • Kindly do not exceed the approved speed of 30 kmph while going to any Hill Station.
  • Please do not feed any wild animal (including monkeys on the road) on the way. The offense is punishable with a fine and imprisonment.
  • Please do not light anything on the way or throw any burning match or any other burning material on the road or into the forest area.
  • While coming down from hill please give preference of passage to the vehicle climbing up.
  • Do not consume alcohol on your journey. There could be random alcohol test and if found under influence of alcohol on the steering your licence could be confiscated and on three such violations, you could be debarred from driving for life.
  • Adhere to the traffic rules on the way and also while driving in and around Hill Station.
  • Please do not go to the forest area alone and never after dusk. If you still desire to be in the jungle for adventure always have a forest guard with you.
  • Please keep roads clean. DO NOT LITTER. The offense is punishable.
  • Do not carry plastic bags with you, the offense is punishable.
  • Do not use high decibel music systems both in your car and also otherwise.
  • At night lower the beam of your vehicle while driving in and around any Hill Station.
  • In doubt always take help of the Tourist Police.

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Happy Trails 🙂

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