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Traveling in a group is fun, but traveling alone gives you a very different experience. If you travel alone then your journey would be full of thrill & adventure. As we know, more number of people in a group creates more chaos. So sometimes it’s better to do travelling alone. Here are some tips for solo travelers which would help in your trip.

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Enjoy Being Alone

This is a prerequisite of travelling alone. If you want to travel alone then try to enjoy being alone. Because if you can’t do this then your solo trip would spoil.

Do Your Homework

Try to discover everything about your destination beforehand. Check the official website of your destination. It will give you all the facts you need to know. Ask people who’ve previously visited the place for life-saving tips.

Pre-book Your Stay

Always opt for reputed chains of hotels instead of an unknown guest house. Landing up alone at the destination, and not having a place to crash, is the worst way to start a trip.

Note Down All Important Numbers

Staying connected gives you a sense of security. Make sure there’s enough balance in your phone, and your family knows that place where you have gone. Try to keep important numbers (home or a local friend number) in your mind.

Speak Like A Native

Its an easy trick for a complete experience of the place you’re visiting. Learn the local language. Simple phrases like ‘thank you’ and ‘excuse me’ will get you information about the place from locals that no guide book can provide.

Don’t Wander Off

Tourists can become easy targets for cons or muggings. Be aware of your surroundings. Stick to the main roads and conventional modes of transport. Avoid walking in dark alleys during odd hours.

Don’t Flaunt Your Jewellery

Avoid taking jewellery and expensive gadgets with you. Also, dress such that you don’t attract unwanted attention.

Don’t Be Judgemental

You’re discovering new places and new people are part of the agenda. So, don’t judge people. It’s okay to be cautious, but give new friendships a chance.

Plan In Advance

If you are going for a solo trip then don’t go for instant planning. Always do advance planning.

Pack Light

Pack light so that you can easily manage your luggage by yourself.

Avoid Arriving at Late Night

Plan to arrive during daylight so that you can find your directions with ease.

Store Important Items in One Place

Always keep your most important items like passport, wallet, camera, phone, etc. in the same place and have a simple check.

Tips for Travelling Alone - Travelling in India
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Tips for Travelling Alone - Travelling in India
Travelling in a group is fun, but travelling alone gives you a very different experience. Here are some tips for which would help you while travelling solo.
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Harstuff Travel
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