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“Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer”

Yes, travel makes you richer. It gives you plenty of experiences, unforgettable memories, amazing friends and necessary learnings. But in return, it asks you to follow few things so that you get the real essence of travelling. Here I am sharing few things that one should keep in mind while travelling.

Leave your comfort at your home

Here, leaving comfort doesn’t mean that you should travel by roadways or stay in homestay only. It’s just you should be ready for anything at any time. Nothing is certain in travelling and this is the beauty of it.

Get socially active, not social media active

Get out of social media world while travelling. Nowadays, people first post on social media and then experience things. It’s okay if you are making your living with that. In case not, then try to avoid social media and gadgets as much as you can. Meet new people, interact with them, understand their culture, learn from their experiences and many such things you can experience.

Have patience

Patience is very necessary for travelling. Especially, when you are travelling to any offbeat place. If you are patient enough then you may experience much more and much better than you seek. Usually, to some extent it tests your patience level and you just have to wait for the right time. Your experience will become unbelievably beautiful and will fill you with contentment.

Respect locals

It is one of the most important things in the responsible tourism. One should always respect locals and help them if they need it. They can teach those things that no one can do. Without the support of locals, one cannot explore places completely.

Try local food

Avoid seeking the same food at every place you travel. Try new cuisines made by locals. Usually, they are more delicious and cheap also. Another best thing is that you don’t have to roam here and there for the local food. You can have it on any local dhabha or restaurant.

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Travel for travel’s sake, not just to change your DP

There are many people who travel just for the sake of their DP or statuses. It never works. Every person expects something from his journey or destination. If you are not travelling for the sake of travel, you won’t get what you expect.

Experience it, then capture

No camera can capture the beauty that your eyes capture it and store it in your mind for the lifetime. Experience it first, and then capture it. Do not try to capture everything with your camera. Leave something for your eyes only, for your experiences only.

Avoid doing things that you do daily

Try something different and unique. If you do things as you do in your daily life then you feel like just living another day during your travel. Avoid using earphones, try to listen to more natural music or explore calmness of places. Try to wake up early. Avoid consuming alcohol, try to be sober. Travel will make you high on life.

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Manu Khandelwal

An engineer and a travel blogger. Loves trekking and doing bike road trips. Burger lover (want to try every burger in the world). Clinomaniac. Sports fanatic. Likes technology but not a technology addict.