Ways to Travel Better

Traveling is not a difficult task. There is a difference between a “Tourist” and a “Traveller”. Anyone can pack a bag and go out for an excursion, but very few people know that “What actual traveling is??”. Here we are giving some tips that will give you the best ways to travel better and tell you the actual meaning of Traveling.

1. Don’t worry about schedules.

Don't Worry About Schedules - Ways to travel better

Being punctual is a good quality, but in travelling there is no need of punctuality. It is slightly a boring task to reach the airport 3 hours before your flight lands. Life is full of twists & always ready for it. Keep your schedule flexible and ready for unexpected surprises.

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2. Say goodbye to luxury.

Say Goodbye to Luxury - Ways to Travel Better
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Don’t choose star rated hotels. The main purpose of hotels are to stay at night. So why to spend more on Hotels?? Stay at clean and decent hotels.

3. Try local food.

Try Local Food - Ways to Travel Better
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This is the main activity of your journey because Travel is incomplete without Food. Every city in India has its different taste. Like Agra is famous for its “Petha”, Mumbai for its “Vada Pav”, etc. So just ask from locals & whatever it is, go for it.

4. Go for instant plans.

Go For Instant Plans - Ways to Travel Better
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Most of the people book their flights/trains 2 months before their departure date. It is a good option for people who are going with their family. But if you are going with your friends then plan instant & move your ass. Because instant plans always give you a different experience.

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5. Avoid packaged tours.

Avoid Packaged Tours - Ways to Travel Better
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Do you want to be a “tourist” or do you want to be a “traveller”? In packaged tours they will take you to the most popular “tourist” spots and that’s it. Sometimes they charge more also. So just choose the destination where you want to go, Google it & make your own plan.

6. Try to speak local language.

Try to Speak Local Language - Ways to Travel Better
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Like in Chennai, the word “Hello” is spoken as “Vanakkam” in their local language. Try to learn a few words like Hello, Thank you, etc. in the native language.

7. Explore the local markets.

Explore The Local Markets - Ways to Travel Better
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Don’t be in a hurry to get to places. Explore some markets on your foot. Take Delhi, if you don’t take a walk in the streets of Chandni Chowk, your trip isn’t worth.

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8. Don’t be in a hurry.

Don't Be In A hurry - Ways to Travel Better

“Haste makes Waste.” When you are making your schedule, take atleast 2 hrs of margin for every place. Don’t be in a hurry. Spend some time at every place you visit.

9. First experience it and then click.

First Experience it and then Click - Ways to travel better

Really important. Don’t get stuck in adjusting your camera settings. First experience it, capture the moment with your eyes and store it in your mind. And then if you have time, only then click a picture.

10. Log out from all social networking sites/apps.

Logout from all social media apps - Ways to Travel Better
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Don’t get busy in your social networking sites/apps while travelling. Just turn off the data of your phone and enjoy your trip.

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11. Don’t take tension.

Don't take tension
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Don’t take tension for your work while travelling, whether you are a student or an employee or a business man. Leave your stress at your home. And travel tension free.

12. Do something adventurous.

Do Something Adventurous
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In your trip don’t just travel and take photographs. Do something adventure. Don’t just sit around in the cafes or restaurants. Do paragliding, rafting, zorbing, rock climbing, etc.

13. Celebrate Local festivals.

Celebrate Local Festivals
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It is very essential. You can not understand a culture until you attend a festival with the locals. Make some friends, party with them, go for a drink & make it the best time of your life.

14. Use public transport.

Use Public Transport
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Once you reach your destination, don’t book taxis or cabs. Public transport is best for traveling in the city. They are cheaper also. If you can, take a ride on the bus, the local train or metro system. It takes a little more time but will be twice as rewarding.

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