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The world is getting closer to the expansion of the airline industry. People are choosing to fly more often abandoning other alternatives such as waterways and railways. The reason is time efficiency and comparative prices. In domestic flights, fares are low. But it is hopeless to expect extremely cheap flight tickets in case of international flights. Still, airlines offer several discounts during sale seasons. But what is one supposed to do when there is no sale available? If you’re smart enough you can avoid paying so extravagantly for these flights. Here are some tips and tricks you can use to get the lowest airfare.

Ultimate Guide to Finding Cheap Flight Tickets Online

If travelling is your passion or part of your life, you really don’t need to wait for that big airline sale for reserving cheap flights. Just follow these easy tips.

Date Assessment

When you book, it is a very important factor in deciding the prices. Cheap flights are always available at a time when there is less demand. If you’re able to plan, you can book cheap flights from US to India or UK to Srilanka or any other country. This would require you to book the tickets at least 6-8 weeks before flying. It implies that you were one of the first few passengers. Thus it is important to plan and calculate the exact dates for departure beforehand. If one book in a final couple of weeks, flights keep becoming costlier. By the time it’s your travel day, prices can be 3 times what they were a couple of months back.

Check for travel seasons

People tend to travel more with festivities and holidays around. If you see that a public holiday is around the corner then book immediately. Do not wait for any sale to come up as it never does. Book a day or two before the holidays. If there is a holiday nearby, do not choose the Saturday or Friday night flights. They would take away your fortune. Look at the calendar and keep track. This may get you the most economical flights possible. For example; Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Diwali have the biggest traffic. This makes it tougher to even get reservations let alone cheaper ones.

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Day of the week

Fridays and Saturdays are the toughest catch. Try booking late at night or early morning flights which are less popular. In some regions, afternoon flights can also be less in demand. If possible go for Wednesday or Thursdays. No one wishes to leave work. If you’re willing to sacrifice a day for the trip it would save you a lot of money. Sometimes return flights on Monday evenings are also cheaper than those in the early morning. The timing is the biggest tactic.

Bulk order

Book all your flights at once with proper scheduling. Planning a round trip helps everyone with exact dates and cheap flights. If you are travelling with your family and friends, try getting tickets together. This would result in discounts. It’s a simple scheme. You book tickets in bulk. Airlines are bound to provide instant unprecedented discounts. A lot of people have been successful at this.

Websites and apps

There are several online agencies and companies which are eager for early success or sustainability. This gives them an incentive to release attractive cashback. Thus, it may be possible that your airline is not as cheap as the offers combined with tickets which these websites sell. Try new websites, comparatively smaller but successful websites. Try multiple websites and then compare the final price you’re willing to pay.

Connecting flights

Flights with layovers are inconvenient. You have to wait at the airport for hours. When alone it can be excruciatingly boring. In almost all cases these connecting flights are way cheaper than direct comfortable flights. You can take this benefit if you’re willing to sacrifice your leisure for the sake of savings. If you know how to plan properly you may end up booking more and more economical flights.

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Search engines

There are several flight search engines. These are a culmination of a lot of options, airlines, dates put together. It provides options from the cheapest to the most expensive. This can make it more efficient for you to search, find, choose, and rationalize your money. You can know about the right flights and tickets in your budget. These are like search engines but particularly for flights. Try finding one directly on your browser and go flight shopping.

Budget airlines

These are airlines that specifically concentrate on delivering cheap tickets. There may be a chance that your flight suffers from some minor inconveniences. Sometimes it might not even provide free food, but at least you’ll get the lowest airfare tickets. It’s still better to pay less and bear inconvenience for a day or two. Because this money can be put into better use. Domestic airlines offer cheaper prices when compared to big-time international flights. This is because the bigger companies are supposed to maintain a certain standard of care.

Currency shifting

Sometimes paying in a different currency is cheaper. Try comparing the prices in your currency and then in the currency where you’re travelling to. This may result in you getting to pay less and getting more economical flights.  There have been several instances where paying in Asian currencies was cheaper. It all depends on where you are flying to and where you may be flying from.

Hidden cities

There are specific locations where an airline is supposed to connect. These locations are remote and have cheaper alternative prices. If you can find connecting flights passing from these locations, you can easily get cheaper alternatives. For example, small stops in different countries can get you cheap flights from the USA to India.

Free credits/gift cards

Several online portals offer certain sorts of credits. This can be used later. There are app wallets too. It’s easy to accomplish these tasks and get credits or tokens in return. Afterwards, when you book your flight it might just happen that you get a heavy discount. Thus it is important to check such offers on other sites, payment options as well.

Thus, it is very important to be vigilant while booking flights. One should be aware of discounts, credit options, and card payment special discounts. Also, research on the location of the flights, day of booking and time of booking. If one misses any of these components they lose several bucks at once. It’s completely okay to avail such quirks. It will save your hard-earned money. Mix flights, bear a little bit of inconvenience. You would be able to save a lot which you can invest in things you like, later. The internet is full of options and surprises. Use the methods given above and get the best yet cheapest flights while you travel to tourist destinations in India or any other countries.

Happy Travelling 🙂

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