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In this post, I won’t talk about the problem of air pollution in Delhi and the current situation. We all know and are very well aware of what we have done to the environment. Now, it’s not the time to blame anyone and make memes on it. It’s time to react, discuss and implement. We all have to take steps and make some changes in our lifestyle for a healthy environment and a better future. This post is not to blame anyone, rather finding the best solution and start working on it.

As per me, if we take all the things/problems together, the main reason behind pollution is “Population”. Some people will argue China is more populated than India and is better in terms of pollution. But India and China are two different countries having different mindsets of people. India is the most diversified country, unlike china. So let’s not focus on that.

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It’s true that during these days the pollution increases due to stubble burning and crackers but the pollution problem is not only during these days. The problem is continuously affecting our life. Apart from thinking about temporary solutions lets also think about a permanent solution.

Problem- Why only Delhi NCR is most polluted in India and second most polluted in the world?

Cause- Overpopulation- NCR’s population is more than 5 crores, which makes this region overpopulated.

Delhi is a landlocked state and that is why airflow is lesser than other metropolitan cities like Mumbai and Chennai. Mumbai is also one of the most populated cities in India but the pollution is quite less than Delhi because of the continuous sea breeze.

The main reason behind overpopulation is that Delhi is the hub of IT and education.

Solution- Government has to promote other small nearby cities and make them new IT and Education Hubs. Delhi and NCR’s population is at the brim. The region is so dense that the population becomes the main reason for every major problem here, be it pollution, traffic jam, crime, electricity, water, etc.

Understanding the population problem

From Large scale to medium-scale to small scale, a large number of companies and businesses are located here. Several new companies are opening daily. People from tier-2 and tier-3 cities are shifting to Delhi NCR to open a business or to work or to get a job. With people shifting here, the demand for resources such as houses, water, electricity, etc is also increasing. To compensate the demand, things are happening like the construction of new houses/flats, expansion of metro and roads, etc. and then the problem arises. Apart from pollution, we all know Delhi-NCR traffic jam is one of the worst traffic jams in India, waste management is also poor, landfills are already exhausted, crimes are also increasing, etc.

Now, this is the time to stop shifting to Delhi NCR.

Government has to choose other small cities and set up IT and education hubs there.

Advantages of doing this:

  1. Lesser pollution. The main air pollution of Delhi is vehicles, industry and burning of stubble.
  2. The population will be distributed uniformly and no particular place will be pressurised in terms of resources like water, electricity.
  3. It’s easier for government and administration to manage a particular city having lesser population.
  4. People in small cities will get more employment opportunities.
  5. Better traffic

Only the government can do this but we can also raise our voices and urge the government to think over it and implement the same if it is good. Initially, the government has to invest money in small cities and build/improve infrastructure there so that companies get attracted to those small cities.

Apart from this, below are the other ways by which we can control air pollution in Delhi

  1. Car Pooling / Shared taxis
  2. Public Transport
  3. More CNG Vehicles
  4. Use of more e-rickshaw instead of autorickshaws
  5. Avoid burning of waste
  6. No crackers

Most of the things I mentioned above are quite basic and most people are aware of them. I believe things won’t work by blaming others and feeling frustrated. Let’s bring the change in ourselves and keep influencing others.   

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