Balakun Peak in the Alaknanda Valley - Vasudhara Falls Trek

So after completing the Pangarchulla peak trek, we had one day for the sightseeing of Badrinath and Mana village. I was not at all interested in visiting the temple and caves as I had already visited earlier. So I, my friend (Manas) and our trek guide (Laxman Bhaiya) decided to visit the Vasudhara Falls. We had a very small window to complete the trek because one of our friends was not feeling well and we had to return Joshimath on the same day. We planned for a speed ascent and descent from the Vasudhara falls.

About Vasudhara Falls

Vasudhara Falls is a 400 feet high waterfall situated in the Alaknanda valley and can be approached by a moderate trek of 5 km from Mana village. As per Hindu mythology, this is the same valley that Pandavas took on their way to heaven and that is why the waterfall is also considered sacred. As per researchers, the water of Vasudhara falls has medicinal properties so it is considered that taking a bath under the falls is beneficial for the body.

Beginning the trek

While others were visiting the temple, we went to see the waterfall. We took the trail going upwards from the Bhim Pul and Saraswati temple and started moving into the Alaknanda valley. The initial trail was almost paved and not much steep. As we entered the valley, the trail became slightly narrower and steeper than the previous.

After 2 km, we could see the Balakun peak having glaciers and moraine at the bottom, clearly from the trail. We walked quite fast and sometimes ran too as we wanted to complete the trek as soon as possible. We crossed one landslide and a snow patch as well. The last km was quite steep and it made us a bit tired but all our tiredness got vanished when we had our first glimpse of the waterfall. We continued the trek without taking any break and reached a point where we could have the best view of the waterfall. It took us an hour and 20 minutes to complete the trek of 5 km.

Trail to Vasudhara Falls - Vasudhara Falls Trek
Trail to Vasudhara Falls – Vasudhara Falls Trek

We halted there for 15 minutes to admire the falls and click some photos and later we began our descent towards Mana village through the same route that we took while ascending. It took around 50 minutes and we reached the village. Although the trail was properly marked and paved, we had to watch our step while descending as the route was quite uneven at a few points. After reaching the Mana village, we visited the famous Badrinath temple and later drove back to Joshimath.

Me, Laxman Bhaiya & Manas - Vasudhara Falls Trek
Me, Manas & Laxman Bhaiya – Vasudhara Falls Trek
Badrinath Temple - Vasudhara Falls Trek
Badrinath Temple – Vasudhara Falls Trek

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