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River rafting is for thrill-seekers; it is an exhilarating and electrifying experience that is fun as well as adventurous. Would you be interested in a river rafting in Kerala and experience the gushing rivers? Here is the lowdown on some of the best destinations in Kerala for a river rafting adventure. We introduce you to destinations where adrenalin junkies can experience the thrill of white-water river rafting and destinations where you enjoy nature, as the raft glides through the river. So, strap on those life vests, hold on to the paddles and get that adrenaline rush.

Chalipuzha Jungle River Rafting

If you are new to river rafting, then this run is the safest and easiest to try. It is recommended for minors, in the age group of 12-14 and non-swimmers as well. You will encounter medium-sized rapids, on the river, as it meanders through one of the most pristine landscapes.

Chalipuzha is a branch of the Iruvanjhipuzza river and emerges from the Thusharagiri waterfall. The adventure is definitely one of a kind, as you challenge yourself in the midst of mother nature. The rafting expedition stretch is roughly 4 kilometres long and takes approximately an hour and a half to complete.

It is ranked in the Class II/III category, which makes it ideal for beginners. The rafts have professionals on board, who ensure thrill, without compromising on safety.

Traditional bamboo Rafting on Pozhuthana

Wayanad has many opportunities for fun and adventure, and bamboo rafting on River Pozhuthana comes highly recommended. Bamboo rafts are unique to this area, they are made using bamboo, which grows wild in this region. The rafts are traditionally made and give a very rustic feel.  

The experience, however, is on spot. The waters of the Pozhuthana are calm, the river shallow for the most part of the stretch, though it does get deep in certain parts. The raft moves smoothly, slicing through the water, the peace and quiet, and the natural surroundings can transport you to heaven. There is lush greenery along the banks, and mangroves in the middle of the river. It is picture perfect. The whole atmosphere makes the experience wonderful. 

You can also enjoy the thrill and wonderful experience of bamboo rafting at the Shendurney wildlife sanctuary. Shendurney is located at Thenmala, which is only 66.4 Kms away from the Kollam town. You can easily reach these places if you rent a car in Kerala. Coracle and jeep safari are other adventure elements waiting for the visitors in Shendurney wildlife sanctuary for making each trip more memorable.

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Iruvanjhipuzha White Water River Rafting

If a daring adventure is what you want, then the Iruvanjhipuzha white water river rafting run is tailored for you. The rapids you will ride are categorized as Class III and above and are sure to pump adrenaline into your veins. 

White water river rafting is a team sport, that challenges every participant riding the waters. It is the ‘you are all in it together’ kind of adventure, which has you sitting on the edge, as you ride the rapids. The thrill cannot be expressed in words, it is best experienced. You can choose from multiple courses for that ultimate white rafting experience.

Bamboo Rafting in Periyar River

Bamboo RIver Rafting in Periyar River in Kerala
Bamboo RIver Rafting in Periyar River in Kerala

Bamboo rafting is different from the white-water rafting; it is smoother and not at all dangerous in comparison. It is ideal for a romantic getaway, but that is not to say that the experience cannot be enjoyed by singles and families.

Rafting trips on the Periyar can be enjoyed throughout the day, but experts recommend early mornings or late evenings for a pleasurable experience. This is the time when elephants, deer, and other wildlife come to the lake to quench their thirst.

You will be enthralled by the whole experience of the bamboo raft ride on the Periyar. As the raft effortlessly cuts through the water and transports you into the midst of nature. The river flows through dense forests, and as the journey proceeds, you will witness panoramic views of the Periyar and the dense forests around its banks.

Look out for wildlife because there is plenty of it in this region – elephants, deer, Indian bison, langur and lion-tailed macaque are some of the animals that you might see, in their natural habitat. Rafting trips that take you into the deep forests come with a guide and an armed guard. It is a wonderful way to watch the unique biodiversity in the region.

Bamboo rafting in Wayanad

Experience the virgin beauty of Wayanad, without going through the rapids by opting for bamboo rafting on the Kabini River around Kuruva Island. The bamboo rafts glide smoothly over the mild ripples of the river. Sit back, relax and appreciate your surroundings. The backdrop is scenic and ideal for a memorable rafting experience. The river cuts through lush forests; the calm and the tranquillity that you will find is unparalleled. There are some resorts in Wayanad that promote adventure tourism, which may be helpful for you to experience the best bamboo rafting in Wayanad.

White water river rafting in Kannur

Kerala is blessed with rivers that are in spate all year around, making it the perfect destination for some heart-thumping adventure and thrill. The rivers in Kerala are perfectly suited for a white-water river rafting. One such experience can be had on the River Tejaswini, in Kannur.

Tejaswini is a fast flowing river, with some wonderful rapids that make rafting on it an electrifying experience. Rafting on the Tejaswini is possible on two specific stretches; one on the upper Tejaswini and the other on the lower Tejaswini.

The river begins its journey in the deep forests of Coorg and traverses into Kannur in Kerala. Upper Tejaswini is easier to navigate, though it is fairly narrow at this point, the rapids in this stretch are classified as class II. But there are plenty of them, so the thrill factor remains. Lower Tejaswini is a tad more challenging, with multiple rapids, three of which are classed as level III, while the rest are of class II difficulty level.

Rafting on Paneli River

The Paneli River, in Boothathankettu, is in another good option to try a river rafting in Kerala. The river, like most other rivers in Kerala, flows through a dense stretch of forests. River rafting on the Paneli promises to be a lot of fun, considering there are plenty of mild to medium rapids on the course. If you are new to river rafting, you might want to start here.

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