Generally, I don’t take things seriously. But, when it comes to travel, I become serious as well as overexcited because at the time of travelling, I try to leave no stone unturned, so that everything goes perfect and according to my way. A perfect vacation is the one that includes perfect people, plan and destinations, a plan that gets executed in time i.e. no rescheduling. There are certain things such as place, weather, mood, activities, and etc, that could contribute to a perfect vacation. A good vacation is like a healthy and delectable diet for travelers like me because it gives me immense pleasure and peace. Here is an overview of my kind of perfect vacation.


1. Planning in Advance

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According to me, instant planning doesn’t lead to a perfect vacation. Well planning is required in advance to avoid to miss any equipment required for travelling. However, planning needs a list of stunning places. Personally, I love trekking so hill stations will always be my first choice to spend my perfect vacation. The place could be anywhere in North or South. Some destinations are McLeodganj, Manali, Mussoorie, Kodaikanal, and etc.

2. Take a flight/train

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To reach the destination, it needs good and comfortable means of transportation. It can be flight or train. There are more chances that I choose train to travel because I love to travel cheap. Either I will reserve my seat in economy class of a flight or 3-Tier AC of the train, whichever suits my pocket.

3. Trek

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Trekking is the main travel dose of most of my vacations. Without this, I couldn’t even dream about spending a healthy vacation. A four to five days moderate level trek is always suitable for my trip. Some treks are Hampta Pass, Indrahar Pass, Sar Pass, Har Ki Dun, Deo Tibba Base Camp, and etc. After choosing the trek, generally we have two options to do it i.e., either buy a trek package from any trusted organization or complete the trek by ourselves. And what I choose that completely depends on terrain, weather and my mood. 

4. Take a resort/hotel and explore the local place and food

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After returning from trek, I would like check-in to a resort/hotel. The place should be good and comfortable so that I can relax and take a deep-tight sleep. Views through the window of my room should be clear and breathtaking, so that I can also spend some good time calming my eyes. If I talk about the view, it could be the view of any magnificent valley or panoramic view of mountains or beautiful view of that whole city from a certain height. After resting, I may like to continue the trip by exploring the city/town, experiencing the local culture and trying local food and language. After all, if some time is left, then there are options for adventure activities like river-rafting, skiing, paragliding at hill stations.

6. Back to home with a great experience and a lot of photographs

This would be the terminating point of the trip. I would always like to end my trip by having an unforgettable experience and collecting photographs of every single place.

Choose best International Flights

People generally go for an international vacation, but I won’t go for it until I complete my “India travel bucket list”. I love to travel in and explore my country. So this is my idea of my perfect vacation, You can also tell us yours’!!!

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