Day 5: Triund – Mcleodganj – Delhi

Woke up at 8 o’clock, wrapped up all our belongings and got ready to leave for Mcleodganj. In around 2 hours, we reached Galu Devi Temple. The downhill trek was easy and not tiring. While coming down I got slipped twice and my ankle got twisted due to the slippery path, but it didn’t cause any trouble because we had brought our first aid kit with us. At Galu Devi Temple, the policeman told us about the Dharamkot Waterfall. To add some extra fun and thrill in our trip, we went to see the waterfall before going to Mcleodganj. The waterfall was situated 3 km away from the Galu Devi Temple. The route to the waterfall was a blend of uphill & downhill and it was quite narrow and tough. The route was marked perfectly so we didn’t face any problem in reaching there. It took around one and half hour to reach the waterfall.

Fresh morning at Triund
Mild rain in the morning


Rainbow after a mild rain


A view of Dhauladhar ranges


A view of Triund



Bird’s eye view of Mcleodganj from Triund

The waterfall was good, but it was little isolated and wasn’t easy to reach. The was one shop located at the waterfall where we had some snacks and tea. While coming from Galu Devi temple to Mcleodganj, it started raining like cats and dogs. Though we had raincoats, but they weren’t working due to heavy rain. In just 5 minutes of rain, we got completely drenched. We decided to take a halt in the shelter and wait for the rain to slow down. At around 4 PM, we reached Mcleodganj, changed our clothes and did our lunch at a restaurant. As it was raining, we couldn’t explore the markets of Mcleodganj. We booked our bus from the Mcleodganj bus stand and at 6 pm, our bus left from Mcleodganj and arrived Delhi at 5 am. The return journey was good and relaxing. Also made one friend named Liat from the USA, who was also coming from Triund.

Going down from Triund


On the way to Dharamkot waterfalls


Descending the irregular path to reach the waterfall



Path full of stones


Dharamkot Waterfall


Signboard at Galu Devi temple


Woods in the clouds


On the way to Mcleodganj


Reastaurant in Mcleodganj

Bus tickets (Semi Sleeper), Mcleodganj to Delhi- ₹ 700/-

The overall trip was amazing and a memorable one. We had a great fun. Apart from this, there are also some tragic moments that happened with us like the starting trek to Triund that made us drained out, rain in the night, etc, but the good thing was we surpassed all those moments with fun. As it was our first multi-day trekking trip, we learnt so many things from this trip which will definitely help us in our future trips.

Happy Travelling! 

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