Pilgrims can now visit Kedarnath Dham by helicopter at a price of ₹18,000/- only. Government of Uttarakhand is starting a helicopter ride for the pilgrims to get the darshan of Kedarnath. The cost of this ride would be ₹18,000/-. The Government is giving the subsidy of ₹75,000/- per round to the pilgrims for this service. The total cost for this service is 1.5 Lacs for 5 persons. But after giving the subsidy of ₹75,000 by government, the cost would be estimated as ₹75,000/- for 5 persons, means ₹15,000/person. The cost will become around ₹18,000/person after inclusive of all taxes. The ride will start from the Sehastradhara Helipad, situated at Dehradun. In this ride, the pilgrims will board from Sehastradhara helipad and get the darshan of Kedarnath and then again deboard at the same helipad. In the helicopter, maximum 5 persons can travel at a time. Although, this has to be decided that after reaching at Kedarnath for how long the devotees can stay there. But it is estimated that the total duration of this ride would be 45 minutes.

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