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Our world is full of positivity and as well as negativity. It depends only on the thinking & perception of an individual. Some people say that “this world is not a place for good people” and some say that “this world is very beautiful and consists of beautiful creatures”. It varies from person to person.
According to my thinking our world is very beautiful and there are a lot of things and places to explore. People are not good or bad, only their thinking is, which varies according to their situation and timing. If I talk about positive thinking, then I always think positive. I never get sad and I don’t regret for anything. We get positivity from many things such as from our body, from our family, from pets, from successful people, inspirational movies, etc. In my case, I get most of the positivity from my family & from inspirational movies. As I am an engineering student & I live away from home. I have almost all qualities of a typical Indian engineer, i.e. laziness, procrastination, etc. Each time when I go back to home, my whole family welcomes me with love and that gives me the motivation and positive vibes. When I leave home & see the faces of my love ones, I see hope in their eyes. At that moment I get very strong positive vibes & then I feel that, I came to this world to do something big & Yes, I will surely do it.
Alike a typical Indian Engineer, I don’t go college daily. I go college by auto rickshaw. The place where I live is 400 meters away from the drop point of auto rickshaw, so I have to walk to reach at my place. One day I was returning back from my college, I saw an uncle & a small kid were coming from the opposite side. While walking, they were eating chips & then uncle threw the wrapper on the road. I didn’t get shock because that thing is very usual in India. But after that, the small kid turned back and picked up that wrapper and put it into his pocket. At that moment I really got surprised. On that day I learned one thing i.e. if you change yourself, you can change this world. That was the moment that completely filled me with optimism & hope for the future.
The thing, why we lag behind is that we always blame the system. We never try to bring change in ourselves. But now this is the time for change. The Clean India campaign is already running. And, if everyone tries to keep clean the area that is outside their home (shops or offices) then more than 70% of country’s area automatically gets cleaned.
So start from today, to make a better tomorrow!
“Be the change that you wish to see in the world”
                                                – Mahatma Gandhi
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Share a moment in the comment section that filled you with optimism & hope for the future.

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Manu Khandelwal

An engineer and a travel blogger. Loves trekking and doing bike road trips. Burger lover (want to try every burger in the world). Clinomaniac. Sports fanatic. Likes technology but not a technology addict.