Wine Bars in Tbilisi, Georgia

Tbilisi, one of the most happening places in Georgia is the capital city as well as the largest city in Georgia that enjoys an exciting nightlife. It is the starting point of your Georgian adventure and there is much to explore than just the wine bars. Housing the ancient walled city and lots of such remnants of its amazing past, Tbilisi is also famous as the city of cafes. The country of Georgia is famous for its 8000-year-old viticulture. This is why it is said that tourists need to experience the local wine bars to mark the completion of their Georgia adventure. Given below is a listing of the best wine bars in Tbilisi that you can explore during your visit. These places have been rated the best ones by the tourists. So book an amazing Georgia holiday package from Dubai and enjoy the adventures there.

Vino Underground

It is one of the most famous wine bars that offer natural wine to visitors. This wine bar is located near the freedom square and is owned by 6 renowned natural wine producers of Georgia. It is famous for its rustic interiors and the medieval touches. Tourists can also meet the owners sometimes when they host wine tasting events from time to time. Enjoy the local wines with delectable local dishes that comprise different varieties of cheese and bread. 

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Tsangala’s Wine Shop & Bar

The Tsangala’s Wine Shop & Bar located in ShavTeli Street is one of the must-visit places in Tbilisi. The sommelier is highly professional and serves some of the excellent local wines. The staff is friendly and the overall atmosphere of the bar is amazing. You can enjoy some of the local specialties as well. This wine bar also offers a number of side dishes such as fruits, salads, seasoned fruits and salads, and cheese. 

8000 Vintages

It is relatively a new member among the wine bars in Tbilisi that symbolizes the 8000 years old viticulture of the region. One of the most unique features of this wine bar is that it organizes blind wine tasting events. The testing events have a panel of winemakers, sommeliers, and connoisseurs that decide upon the types of wines which will be sold till the next testing event. It features some of the most popular local and foreign wines. The menu comprises around 800 wines in total that can be enjoyed with delicious side dishes such as bruschetta and cheese.

DADI Wine Bar and Shop

It is located in the Shalva Dadiani Street and is one of the top-rated wine bars here. It is one of the centrally located wine bars that have a rich menu. This bar offers nice food options and some of the traditional and original dishes of Georgia. The chicken sandwiches served here are loved by tourists as well as the locals. This wine bar has an amazing atmosphere which is loved by people from all around the globe.

Amber Bar

The Amber bar got its name from the characteristic amber color of qvevri wine. This traditional Georgian wine is made in a clay vessel which is egg-shaped and is called qvevri in the local language. The wine gets Amber colored instead of being white. This traditional wine is manufactured by small family enterprises of the region. This bar has an industrial decor and offers more than a hundred different types of wines. Live music and perfect traditional Georgian cuisine are the other perks of this bar.

Skola Coffee & Wine Bar

The Skola Coffee & Wine Bar is a popular wine bar that has been rated high by the locals as well as the tourists. The food is perfectly lovable and the menu comprises coffee as well as superb wines. The bar is located on Rustaveli Avenue and is a popular breakfast point for the tourists. Apart from offering the delectable Georgian dishes, the cream cheesecakes, omelets, sunny eggs, and various other cosmopolitan breakfasts that taste heavenly are also available here.

Schuchmann Wine Bar & Restaurant

The Schuchmann Wine Bar & Restaurant offers the traditional Georgian Chateau wines that are admired all over the region. The wine bar features an open kitchen and ethno-jazz music that sets the mood perfectly grand. The staff is professional and the overall ambiance is happening.

Easy Wine

It is one of the recently opened wine bars in Tbilisi that features the unique and modern wine dispensers. The overall decor is industrial and contemporary with distinct modern influence. It is one popular place among young locals and tourists. The menu includes 64 different Georgian wines that you can enjoy with the Georgian and European cuisine. This is one of those wine bars in Tbilisi that can be visited with kids as well. There is a special menu for them as well.

Well, these are the best 8 wine bars in Tbilisi you can enjoy on your Tbilisi Visit. The place is amazing and the people are welcoming. They will drink to you and drink with you without any objections. So, which ones are you going to visit with your friends? Apart from Georgia, many heavenly destinations are there in Europe. You just need to find the best tour operator that provides excellent Europe tour packages from USA or UK or UAE or any other country you wish to travel from. Check with them and book your favorite destination up to your convenience.

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