India is known for celebrating every festival with as much fervour and joy as possible. But, the quaint hill station of Coorg celebrates these festivals in their own unique way. Right from religious occasions like Mahashivratri to marking the onset of harvest season, here’s a look at how 5 festivals are celebrated in Coorg:

1. Mahashivratri –

A popular festival across India, Mahashivratri is also a well-celebrated event in Coorg. Thousands of pilgrims pay a visit to the Iruppu Falls so that they can bathe in the holy waters of the Lakshmana Tirtha River. To make their way to this holy spot, devotees are required to walk through the forest trails from the Brahmagiri Peak.

2. Kailpodh –

Marking the end of sowing season, this festival is celebrated in the month of September. The festival serves as a reminder to farmers that they need to protect their crops from the wild. In honour of this, the Kodavas decorate their weapons on this auspicious day before offering prayers. Generally, some form of target game is organised as well.

3. Ganesh Chaturthi –

Another religious festival in Karnataka that is celebrated with great fervour is Ganesh Chaturthi. Devotees believe that the Lord Ganesh, who can vanquish all difficulties and hardships, will visit their home on the first day of the 10-day festival. They cook special food and offer it to the idol of the God while also offering several prayers.

4. Kaveri Shankramana –

In October, the Kodavas celebrate probably the most important festival in Coorg, Kaveri Shankramana. This festival is based on the belief that that Goddess Cauvery appears in a water tank next to the Talakaveri in the form of a swell of water. Devotees make their way to the tank to take a dip in the holy water and wash away their sins. Many people also carry some water home for their family members.

5. Puttari/Huttari –

This traditional harvest festival is generally celebrated towards the end of November or the beginning of December. It happens on a full moon night, just when the crops are ready for harvest. All the families of every village come together to offer prayers to the Gods and thank them for a plentiful year. The ladies of each house will light lamps and lead their families out into the fields where the ripe paddy is cut for the first time that season. The cut sheaves are then bunched together and tied in a few places to welcome prosperity.

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