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Lake Placid is a venue that manages to tick a lot of boxes in terms of not just how photogenic the area is but what it has to offer visitors when it comes to amenities, recreational, and entertainment options.

This is why it is a great place to host a conference.

Here are three compelling reasons why Lake Placid should be at the top of your list of suitable conference venues.

Dedicated to events

What you will soon discover is that Lake Placid is a place that is geared up toward looking after its visitors in the best possible way and it is a town that is particularly dedicated to events.

The area has a long history of hosting some prestigious events, such as being one of the few two-time Olympic host cities, plus some major organizations choose Lake Placid for its annual conference each year.

One of the reasons why it enjoys such popularity amongst conference organizers is that the attendance rate is so high because delegates know they are going to have a great time when they come, not just at the conference but with all the social and recreational activities that are part of the Lake Placid experience.

Good accommodation options are a feature of the area, such as the Courtyard Lake Placid, for instance, and the conference center itself is ideally located in the village, giving you easy access to the Main Street with all its shops and restaurants.

Plenty of great dining options

It is not hard to see why there is such a high attendance rate when Lake Placid is the chosen as the host venue for a conference event as previous attendees will tell you that this is a place that offers plenty of culinary experiences.

There is a burgeoning cuisine scene going on in the mountains here and what you get with Lake Placid is a plethora of dining options to suit all tastes and budgets.

You can enjoy high-end dining with some polished gourmet residences ready to challenge your taste buds to their fullest extent but if you want comfort food or nostalgic dining, these are also within a short distance of the conference center.

There are more dining establishments opening each year so you will always be able to try out some new tastes if you are a returning delegate to Lake Placid.

Plenty to see and do

One of the main assets associated with a great conference venue is the ability to offer delegates plenty of leisure and entertainment options away from the main event, and Lake Placid provides plenty of those options.

Adding a few days onto your visit is a popular thing to do so that you can enjoy the opportunity to enjoy attractions like Whiteface Mountain, Adirondack Park, and take in the incredible scenery around Mirror Lake.

There is even the chance to enjoy an Olympic bobsled ride if you are looking for thrills and spills alongside great viewing and eating options in the area.

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