People often travel to see a completely different way of life and you’ll definitely get that in India. Beautiful scenery, tasty food and friendly people are just some of the reasons your trip will be unforgettable, so why not make this diverse country your first destination?

The scenery

From the awe-inspiring peaks of the Himalayas to the quiet beauty of the national parks and the bustling city streets, there’s something to see at every turn (and we haven’t even mentioned the beaches, deserts, and tribal villages yet…). India has it all, so keep your camera handy and give yourself time to take everything in.
If you only see one thing… Ranthambore in Rajasthan is a wild jungle of a national park with a fort right in the middle, best explored via one of the safaris offered between October and June each year.
Photo by Syna Tiger Resort on Unsplash

The wildlife

India is home to lots of wildlife, including rare and exotic species like Indian rhinos, Asiatic lions, snow leopards, and Bengal tigers. It’s worth booking a safari or tour to see these beautiful, endangered animals in their natural habitat, plus you’ll benefit from the knowledge of your guide. You may also spot elephants, crocodiles, and some of the hundreds of different species of bird, including Indian spotted eagles.
If you only spot one animal… it’s got to be the tiger. These powerful big cats have roars which can be heard over a mile away.

The food

Think you know Indian food? Think again — there’s nothing quite like the real thing. Take your pick from flavoursome curries made from meats, vegetables, chickpeas and spices, hearty lentil dals, freshly baked breads, and snacks like samosas and aloo tikki (crispy potato pancakes). Don’t forget to check out the street food stalls, making sure you head where the locals go for the best deals.
If you only eat one thingGujarati thali is a vegetarian platter with lots different dishes, including curries, salads and chutneys, so you can try as much as possible.

The history

India’s history goes way back in time, which means there’s incredible architecture (and interesting stories behind each building) at every turn. The most famous attraction in India is the Taj Mahal, but it’s also worth seeking out lesser-known sites like the Agra Fort, which has a whole host of other structures inside it (including mosques, palaces and courtyards), and the ghost town of Fatehpur Sikri.
If you only visit one place… it has to be the Taj Mahal. One of the Seven Wonders of the World, this enormous ivory-white mausoleum was built for Mumtaz Mahal, wife of Shah Jahan, in the 1600s.

The hospitality

Curious and friendly, Indian people are generally very welcoming towards guests and are honoured to host them. Inquisitive by nature, they ask a lot of questions because they’re genuinely interested in hearing your stories.
If you only stay in one place… make it a homestay instead of a hostel or hotel. It’s similar to a B&B, in that you stay in a room in family-run accommodation. You can spend as much or as little time with your host family as you like, but often people find themselves talking to their hosts for hours. You’ll learn all about Indian culture and their way of life, and gain plenty of local knowledge that will enhance your trip.
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