I know its a travel blog and the post I am writing is not related to this. I was resisting myself from a very long time but the circumstances which are happening around me in my country urged me to write this. In this post I am not supporting any political party or any particular person. I am just giving my opinion about these hard situations.

One by one several movements and riots are occurring like Malda Riots, Intollerant India issue, JNU Row, Haryana Jat Reservations, etc..


What has happened?

Some students group called JNUSU(Jawahar Lal University Student Union) and DSU(Democratic Students Union) have organised an event inside the campus of JNU. Some people got very aggresive in that event and started chanting Anti-India slogans. And the event turned into the voilent movement and started clashings between ABVP(Akhil Bhartiya Vidhyarthi Parishad) members and other students group(who organised the program). 

Current Situation:

Some people are claiming that students group(who organised the program) have chanted that slogans, some are claiming that ABVP members have chanted the slogans, some are saying that none of them have chanted that slogans. Political personalities started politics by commenting on this matter and blaming the government. Media also highlighted this matter to make their TRP’s higher.  

JNU students are now saying to defend themselves that the program is not for Afzal Guru(terrorist) and Maqbool Bhatt(terrorist). The program is to protest against the capital punishment. Well, the posters were showing the reality but still I wanna personally ask one question to them that “why do you oppose capital punishment? What is wrong with that?” If a terrorist can take lives of people then why shouldn’t he punished?. And if you talk about freedom of speech then tell me one thing “Were they the only people who got capital punishment?” If you really wanted to oppose capital punishment then why didn’t you take the name of Bhagat Singh? 

The court hasn’t announce any result yet. According to the video it is confirmed that the slogans were spoken, the video is not edited. And the University officials also gave the evidences to government in which it is written that the permission was taken for a cultural speech and security officials also confirmed about the anti-national slogans. So it is confirmed that all the accusations that have been set against some students of JNU are correct.

I wanna give one free advice to these retards that if you don’t like India then please leave our country. But we don’t allow you to do such things in our country. Freedom of Speech doesn’t mean that you will say anything and we will remain silent. If you have this type of freedom of speech then we also have the freedom of defending our country. Remember this !

Haryana Jat Reservation

According to me, reservation is the main thing which keeps us backward in the world. Deserving people stands back and undeserving people stands first only because of this reservation. Reservation is the main cause of 80% corruption in India. And we cannot remove reservation from India until the thinking of every individual will not change. Only those people want reservation who don’t want to work and earn for free. 
The only solution for this problem is that reservation should be there but only on the basis of EBC(Economically Backward Caste) or the government should provide education for free of cost till 12th standard.  
We all saw the result of this reservation movement in Haryana. People who wanted the reservation by claiming that they are backward in education and jobs, they have burnt the schools, libraries and many other buildings and properties. It showed us that what exactly they want. 
A bill should be passed for protests and movements. “If one has to protest or start a movement against any issue then first he should take permission from the government/administration and then he can do protest only if he gets the permission of it. And if any destruction of government property found during the protest then the individual or the whole group would be punished with imprisonment and fine of certain amount.” To stop that movement and control the situation, government should also start the movement called “Jail Bharo Andolan”. Put them in to the jail and don’t give food for atleast 6 days. Then they will understand.

Now we reached the saturation point and every Indian is getting angry. On behalf of every Indian I wanna say one thing to these idiots that “Don’t check the level of our patience, Sudhar Jao”!

Note: Some facts or figures can be wrong.  Don’t focus on that because I don’t belong to any secret services or investigation agency. The main motto of this post is to release my frustration and to remind some retards to act like an “Indian”.


Written by

Manu Khandelwal

An engineer and a travel blogger. Loves trekking and doing bike road trips. Burger lover (want to try every burger in the world). Clinomaniac. Sports fanatic. Likes technology but not a technology addict.