After years of visiting famous and not so famous places in your own country India, you yearn to travel abroad now! One look at your bank balance and it seems like a faraway dream to you. But worry not! There are still many international destinations which you can pay a visit to without breaking your bank. Let’s get started with those destinations:

1) Sri Lanka

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Be it the beautiful Golden beaches or mighty elephants, misty clouds or giant whales, ancient sites or UNESCO heritage sites; Sri Lanka is one country which has still maintained its charm. Sri Lanka is a small island south of India in the Indian Ocean. The island is blessed with diversity in forms of clean beaches, rocky caves, rivers, lagoons, wildlife rich jungles and much more. The Pettah market in Colombo will let you shop to your heart’s content at prices which will stun you. What are you waiting for? Just move. 

2) Thailand

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To begin with, Thailand is one of the favourite travel destinations of Priyanka Chopra! Moving on, one is always reminded of glittering waters when one thinks of Thailand. Also known as one the hottest honeymoon destination, Thailand is a perfect place if you are a beach lover. Just lie down, let the sun kiss your hair, sip on a drink and chill! A visit to Koh Samui is a must visit if you want to witness breath taking beauty. The exotic variety of flora and fauna in the tropical forests will be perfect to feed to your inner adventurous soul. You can also go for Scuba diving here. Go visit the retail therapy heaven! 

3) Nepal

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My friend visited this country a year back. When she came back, she couldn’t stop praising its beauty. It’s only when I saw the pictures, I understood that. Nepal is one place which will entice you with its incredible beauty. Situated right across India’s border, the place is a perfect blend of modern ethics and spirituality. Snow clad mountains, numerous Buddhist temples, ancient culture and tranquility is what you can expect from this place. If that just sounds like your ideal destination, stop waiting.

4) Singapore

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Singapore, an island city-state off southern Malaysia, is known for its Fashion sense, multicultural population and sultry climate. The plush city has a lot of things for you to soak in such as a cruise trip on the Singapore River, unique shopping experience, Night safari, candlelight dinners on beach and much more. Since Singapore is a popular choice among people who have a tight budget, tickets should be booked very well in advance to get the best prices. 

5) Maldives

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A common misconception among many people is that only people who have an extravagant budget can travel to Maldives. However, Maldives holds a lot of hotel options for you to stay there at economical prices. The food can get pricey but apart from that, you can save your money on a lot other aspects. Maldives is blessed with exotic beauty. The sparkling turquoise water, picturesque locations, divine sessions, luminescent beach that holds amazing natural phenomenon are just some of the offerings of this country. The place is also known well for astounding water sports. 
So these are the places which you can travel to without spending a bomb! Now when you know of them, stop staring and start making preparation to visit any of these striking places. 

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