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There are two types of people in the world, viz, people who travel a lot and people who travel very less or don’t travel. In every aspect a tourist is different from a traveler. Here, traveler refers to the full time traveler.
Here we are distinguishing between travelers and tourists.

1. Travelers are more time efficient and energetic than tourists

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Yes, travelers are more time efficient and energetic than tourists. Because travelers always have perfect planned itinerary and they strictly follow to that and that’s why they save more time as compared to tourists. Tourists don’t have any planned itinerary and if they have, they don’t follow that.

2. Travelers know the cheapest way to everything, tourists don’t

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Travelers always know the cheapest way to everything, whether it is travel, food, or accommodation. In case of travel they know the cheapest mode of transport to reach any place, in case of food they know the cheapest place to eat and in case of accommodation they know the cheapest hotel to stay.

3. Travelers are very cool and frank by nature

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Travelers are very cool. They visit places, meet the local peoples, chat with them and have lunch with them. Travelers are mostly extrovert and frank by nature whereas tourists are little introvert by nature.

4. Travelers have very strict schedule

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Travelers have their own calendar for the whole year. It is actually a travel calendar. Inside the calendar, they have many trip/tour plans for the whole year and they strictly and happily follow that calendar. When tourists travel, means they are not busy and when travelers are busy, means they are travelling.

5. Only travelers know the best places to explore at a particular destination, tourists don’t

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When tourists travel, they visit common places such as some gardens, some points and that’s all. When travelers visit any destination, they make a list of places which includes common as well as uncommon places and then they start visiting. They know the best attractions of that place.

6. Travelers are very adjustable, not the tourists

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Travelers don’t care whether they are travelling in AC Class or sleeper class, Car or Rickshaw, whether they are staying in a 5 star hotel or an average hotel, whether they are eating at a international food chain or at a local dhaba. These things don’t matter to travelers, the thing which matters to them is that they are “travelling”.

7. Travelers know more than one languages, tourists don’t

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When travelers visit any place, they meet local peoples and start learning their languages. Because this is the most interesting things to do while travelling. These activities give an ultimate experience during the trip and make the trip memorable one.

8. A traveler’s general knowledge & memory is much better than a tourist’s

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Yes, most travelers have much better general knowledge and memory than tourists. They know almost all the capitals of the countries and states. Apart from geography, they exactly know what’s happening in the world. They are always updated about sports, politics, business, technology, etc. Travelers always remember the ways of their journey.

“Don’t become a tourist, be a traveler”

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