A View of Kumbhalgarh Fort

The very mention of Rajasthan triggers a miscellany of thoughts – from opulent palaces to majestic forts to mouth-watering cuisine to warm and friendly locals to its rich heritage. A bona fide icon that aptly displays the triumphant past and stands as a testament of bravery is the breathtaking Kumbhalgarh Fort.

This UNESCO World Heritage Site is surrounded by the Aravalli Range at 1098 m above sea level and has a rampart that stretches 36 km. It’s the second longest wall in the world, and hence it’s often called the ‘Great Wall of India’. Within these walls, you can find ancient temples, palaces, and wildlife.

Before you plan a family vacation to Kumbhalgarh Fort, here are some things you should know.

A brief history of Kumbhalgarh Fort

This is one of the biggest forts in India and was built in the 15th century by Rana Kumbha to protect his kingdom from enemies. As it sits atop a hill, the fort adopted a strategic position and almost appeared camouflaged by the surrounding peaks. This also made it impregnable.

Legend has it that this fort was never conquered! It was here that Maharana Pratap, a brave warrior and one of the greatest kings of Mewar, was born. Therefore, Kumbhalgarh Fort held a special place in the history and the hearts of Rajputs too.

This architecturally, artistically, culturally, and historically rich structure represents the tale of a civilization that flourished centuries ago.

A view of Kumbhalgarh fort Rajasthan
A view of Kumbhalgarh fort Rajasthan

The architecture of Kumbhalgarh Fort

As you set foot in the vicinity of Kumbhalgarh Fort, the wall of the fort will instantly grab your attention. Along with this, the rounded bastions perched high above are striking. Totally there are seven huge and imposing gates known as Pols which are akin to guard lookouts. This along with the bastions strengthened the fort and made it impenetrable.

The fort has tiny openings that allowed archers to aim and shoot at enemies while being sheltered from attack. The sharp turns along the ramp leading to the fort were designed intentionally to slow down the enemy’s elephants and horses. Additionally, traps were laid out along the way.

The doors were colossal and robust. Human strength was insufficient to tear the door down and the spikes on the door prevented elephants from penetrating it. Although the Rajputs were well-built folk, the passages were narrow and the height of doors was low so that only a single person could walk through. This was meant to slow down the advancing army of the enemy.

All in all, careful consideration, scrupulous planning, extreme detailing, and thorough execution went into Kumbhalgarh Fort. These factors contributed to the fact that Kumbhalgarh Fort remains unconquered and unparalleled. Today, the entire fort and the wall are well-preserved and perfectly display the architectural brilliance of the Rajput era.

Places to visit in Kumbhalgarh Fort

Inside the Kumbhalgarh Fort, there are many sites to see: the birthplace of Maharana Pratap, Kumbha palace, 360+ Brahmin and Jain temples, Badal Mahal, Kumbhalgarh fort, etc.

Best time to visit Kumbhalgarh Fort

The weather is perfect to visit Kumbhalgarh Fort for sightseeing from November to February. The summers of Rajasthan are too hot and monsoons are too rainy, making it a difficult time to visit.

How to reach Kumbhalgarh Fort

Udaipur is about 84km (2-3 hours’ drive) away and has the closest airport and railway station. From there, you can hire a taxi to your destination. You could also hire a private car from Udaipur, which costs about Rs 3000, depending on the type of car and distance. State buses are a cheaper option.

Entry fees and timings at Kumbhalgarh Fort

Indian citizens have to pay Rs 15 and foreigners have to pay Rs 200.
The Kumbhalgarh Fort is open from 9 am to 6 pm daily.

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