A trip is made by three things, i.e., travel, food & stay, in which travel demands taxi and other conveniences, food demands good restaurants and for stay, decent hotels are must. When we talk about decent hotel, it means the hotel should be of fine quality at a reasonable cost. India has one of the finest and longest chains of ultra-luxurious hotels. Some remarkable standards are Oberoi, ITC, and Taj – IHCL etc. and these are some of the best hotels in Jaipur. Luxury is defined inside the hotels having both heritage and comfort. Almost all standard hotels offer comfort, but only some are known for their heritage. Heritage in India comes with a name and that is “RAJASTHAN”. Rajasthan has a lengthy list of hotels that are prominent for their heritage experience and superb comfort which are located in Jaipur, Jodhpur, Udaipur, Ranthambore etc.
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Talking about the Capital city of Rajasthan i.e., JAIPUR, The Pink City which epitomizes the hotels of high standards in Indian hospitality, which are rich in heritage and culture to reflect the Indian architecture and Interior designing. The beauty discovered by the visitors helps them to fulfill their desire to have an unforgettable experience with their loved ones. We are here revealing some points that are most importantly considered while booking a hotel room in Jaipur.


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Jaipur city defines the word comfort in a completely different manner. For them, the comfort is not just limited to your room comfort but they extend it to “the way you are being served and treated, i.e., Mehmaan-Nawaazi”. The comfort includes your stay in the room, accessibility to nearby places, your travel convenience in the city and specially your food. Jaipur city hotels are the best in India to exemplify the comfort in food, i.e., the way you are served at the table. You are made to sit on a chowki and the food is served to you with blend of love, respect, kindness and happiness in a buffet and this is what we call “The Maharaja Treatment”. The comfort in your room is not just about the bed or air-conditioning you get, but it is also about the view from your room window and the room service you avail. You get a feeling of respect when you stay in. The view from your room should be clear and breathe taking in case you just want to spend some good time calming your eyes through the window, this helps to revitalize your body and your mind.


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Jaipur has been a city of Maharajas (Kings) and Qilas (Forts) that showcase the beauty of architecture of Indian History and also symbolize the rich culture which describes the ancient stories of Living and Wars of previous time. The responsible citizens of the city have kept this heritage alive in the rooms of most of the street sided and luxurious hotels in Jaipur by preserving and maintaining the art inside and outside the hotels in the city. Visiting any hotel in Jaipur is like entering a room which inculcates the Indian art and colors with the painting and designs of walls telling some untold stories that may strike your mind or heart in one or another way and motivate your soul to explore the city more and more. Here comes the part you extend your trip in this city and experience the heritage and rajasthani culture during your stay in Hotels in Jaipur. With addition to your comfort, the heritage of the city and places pings your soul to rediscover yourselves, live your passion, develop affinity, experience togetherness to celebrate life and re-discover the lust of getting lost in Raja-Maharaja time. This is all in an environment of grandeur and splendor in Jaipuri Hotels. From Jaipuri dance to the style with which people greet you by joining their both hands together and saying “Khammaa-Ghadi”, each and everything attracts you to its charming heritage and the king style treatment that you get at places like chokhi dhaani with delectable cuisine and folk dance, which fills your mind with real excitement and happiness.


The city houses all types of hotels, from cheap to average and from standard to luxurious Hotels. That totally depends on your budget and the experience that you want to take back from here. You can find several hotel packages in Jaipur depending up on your budget and purpose of your tour. Mostly, tour are for a purpose, some with a purpose of relaxing vacation, some with a commercial purpose or some with a purpose of exploring the city and its robust culture. So choose accordingly, but one thing assured to you and that is: each and every hotel shall give you a delightful glimpse of Indian rajasthani culture.

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