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Nestled in the charming Western Ghats is the pastoral town of Munnar in Kerala. Its pristine valleys, exotic, rich foliage, endless expanses of tea plantations and salubrious weather conditions have made it one of the ideal destinations in Kerala to enjoy family vacations.

This stunning destination boasts all this and more. Set amidst unparalleled tranquillity, this place will undeniably compel you into believing that Munnar is indeed a paradise worth exploring.

So, for when you decide to embark upon an exhilarating trip to this hill station, make sure that you are fairly acquainted with the Munnar weather. Known for its pleasant conditions throughout the year, you’re unlikely to find yourself boiling in sweltering heat, or reaching for thermals here.

If you intend on sojourning here during summers, i.e. from April to May, the Munnar temperature doesn’t cross 30 degrees, making it an immensely pleasant travel experience for its visitors. During these months you can find several cascading waterfalls and captivating flower gardens in full bloom. Summer-time in Munnar is the also the best time to venture outdoors – go sightseeing and visit beautiful tea estates amidst light drizzles.

For those who love the rains, June to August is the most suitable time to visit Munnar. Although traversing through the slippery and misty roads during the end of June and July is inadvisable, you may choose to tour this destination during the month of August. The severity of the monsoon is at its peak during June and July, making August the most ideal month for a cool vacation.

Winters in Munnar are recognized to be particularly cold, especially during the months of December and January. The temperatures are known to drop below five degrees Celsius. Nevertheless, the region does not experience snow like other hill stations. Visitors flock here during the month of December to take pleasure in the cold weather coupled with the site’s scenic beauty.

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