4 Secret Adventure Destinations Near Mumbai That You Didn’t Know About

Sky Diving in Aamby Valley, Maharashtra

When you live or work in a city like Mumbai, the daily routine and travel are no less than an adventure. When you jostle with a tremendous amount of people for the most basic of daily activities one is bound to be stressed, tired and ill. Then what do you do? You kill this rush with a different rush altogether! Why not pack the thrill of an adventurous activity in a nicely organized package of a weekend or a holiday? Where do you ask? Well, Mumbai is a city of infinite resources and one simply has to look inside and just outside Mumbai to find a refreshing change from the humdrum daily life. An adventurous outing promising to be fun, healthy and inspiring can be easily found indoors and outdoors as per your convenience and budget. Here are a few adventure destinations near Mumbai where one can quench his thirst for adventure and thrill.

Fun on the surf

While the most popular water rides for children and families are undoubtedly Essel World, Water Kingdom or Imagica there are many other options for youth like sailing along Gateway of India on a watch or a tour ferry from Mandwa jetty to Elephanta caves or Alibaug or JNPT or further along the coastline to coastal forts like Janjira.

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For the more enthusiastic people, the thrill of jet-skiing or stand-alone paddle boating at Mandwa Jetty and beach is not to be missed.  In fact, some of the beaches close to Mumbai like the Alibaug beach also offer options like para-sailing. But if one is keen on options in Mumbai then one can look at Rajodi beach, Vasai-Virar to have multiple options like wake-boarding, jet-skiing, the fly-fish ride, banana boat ride, etc. former for individuals and later for groups. In fact, trapezing and wind-surfing are also the upcoming attractions at Mandwa and Rajodi beaches. Many of these options can also be found courtesy of the H2O water-park, Marine Lines also.

sea activities near Mumbai
sea activities near Mumbai
Credits: www.villafarosestate.com

Fun on terra-firma

When you don’t feel like plunging into sea-water or when the Arabian Sea is turbulent, it is inadvisable to venture near it. Instead, you can try several outdoor and indoor activities that promise to give you the high of adventure and the enjoyment of being in the company of friends. If you are looking for adventure destinations near Mumbai then Sahyadris is no doubt the best place. Mumbai is in close proximity to the Sahyadris. So just head for a monsoon trek to the many forts in the vicinity of Lonavla. There are ample numbers of trekking groups that offer you several options. If one wants to try an option less conventional, one can try rock-climbing at Parisik hills near Belapur or on rock patches near Khopoli or even closer on Manori Island near Aksa beach. To prepare yourself one can practice at the ‘Arun Samant Climbing wall at Goregaon’ or at ‘Poddar Climbing Gym in Matunga’. One can also take part in ‘caving’ at Matheran.

Rock climbing near Matheran
Rock climbing
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Zorbing is also a great solo activity that one can undertake on Lonavla slopes. Apart from trekking one can also try rappelling or abseiling on various cliff faces near Kamshet. It is quite hard to believe that a bustling city like Mumbai a forest exists. Following a wild-life trail through the Sanjay Gandhi National Park, Borivali or birding at Karnala Bird Sanctuary or visiting the Kanheri caves at Borivali is an amazing option too.

For the ones gung-ho on group activities one can try the Midnight Mumbai bicycle ride or the coastal Mumbai bicycle ride or try the go-karting track at ‘Hakone’, Hiranandani Gardens, Powai. The very same location also offers options like archery, paint-ball, smash-cars; arcade games, fire-spinning, fire and glass walks so on. Or one can travel to Kamla Mills, Lower Parel and enjoy offerings like an aero plane-simulator ride, go-karting etc. at Smaaash or at the Let’s Play in Thane and Lokhandwala. One can enjoy the seasonal Mud-Rush competition too.

Zorbing in Lonavla
Zorbing in Lonavla

Aerodynamic fun

Why not attend a paragliding camp at Kamshet or Bungee jumping at Lonavla? While you are at it you can also think of tandem sky-diving through Aamby valley near Lonavla or even zip-lining or valley-crossing at the same locations. Lonavla is one of the best adventure destinations near Mumbai. For people more inclined to a luxurious adventure, hiring a private mini-plane to have an aerial tour of the city or a chopper ride is a great option.

Sky Diving in Aamby Valley, Maharashtra
Sky Diving in Aamby Valley, Maharashtra
Credits: www.lbb.in

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