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Travel is uncertain and this is the beauty of it. Doesn’t matter how much experience do you have in travelling, still, there is always a scope of learning. These travel tips & tricks would help and make your travel better for sure. Check out these below.

Smart Packing Tips:

This is one of the most common mistakes that people usually make. Doesn’t matter if you are on a backpacking trip or on a leisure trip, the lighter your luggage will be, would be better for you. Do not carry unnecessary stuff which is of no use. You won’t find a coolie or a buttler at each and every place. So pack wisely and pack light as much as you can.

  1. If you are travelling in India and the season is summer then cotton clothes are the best. Don’t get synthetic clothes which have no or less breathability. You will keep sweating all day.
  2. Sunglasses are quite necessary whether you are travelling in a city or in a jungle or on mountains. The sun will usually be glaring at you most of the day. So, good quality sunglasses would help you and protect your eyes from heat, dust, and pollution.
  3. Winters in north-India can be chilly. Do carry fleeces, thermal layers, sweaters, and light jackets. A small umbrella or a raincoat will help you stay dry during the monsoon season or sudden rains.
  4. The sunscreen lotion should be a permanent part of your bag. Along with it, also carry a sewing kit, toiletries, pocket knife with a can opener, lock and key for each duffel or bag, flashlight, spare batteries, power bank. A blow-up neck pillow and an eye patch would give you a good comfort if commuting by bus and train. If travelling by train, a bike chain is a must to lock your bags on trains.
  5. A proper first aid kit having all the basic medicines is also must.
  6. If you are a mountain goat or a trekker, bring a day pack that will hold some essentials like a sweater, camera, water bottle etc.

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Safety Tips:

No place is completely safe. Yet, some are safer than others. The safest of cities can be ‘unsafe’ at a different time of the day or have ‘seedy’ places. So, why worry? Just pick your bags and trip on!

  1. Don’t be reckless. Rely on your senses and instincts and not so much on the local Tourist office. Remember they will always want to play it down.
  2. Agreed that you want to experience local culture etc. but never accept invitations from locals to their homes for a chai or a meal. Not unless you want to invite trouble.
  3. Carry your passport, traveller’s cheques, money, cards etc. in an inner shirt/jeans pocket. Better still, shove them in a hidden money belt against your skin. You can then dance around pickpockets and yet be safe. The worst thing to do is to carry them in a zippy bag hung over the shoulders. You will never know when someone just slips it out. The fanny bags or waist packs spell ‘money’ to pickpockets and make you easy prey to swoop in. You cannot escape their nimble fingers and sharp razors.
  4. Turn your alarm sensors on when in crowded places like airports, railways stations etc. Watch for faces that are always lurking in a radius of 10 feet.

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Some Safety Tips for Women Travellers:

  1. When travelling by overnight train, choose an upper berth to avoid prospective gropers and have more privacy. (Many travellers report better luck with more expensive train seats, which have fewer passengers per car).
  2. Avoid eye contact and chit-chat with unknown men: both can be misinterpreted.
  3. Ride in women’s cars on trains, where they exist, and try to book seats near the front of long-distance buses. Sit next to other women when possible.
  4. Wear a T-shirt and long shorts over a bathing suit when swimming, following local custom.
  5. Avoid public transportation at night, and never ride in empty buses or trains at night.
  6. Use taxis with call services at night; don’t flag them down in the street, especially if you’re alone.
  7. Travelling with a companion may ward off advances, especially if your companion is male. (Mentioning your husband frequently – whether or not you have one – may also help).
  8. Wear sunglasses: people will stare at you, no matter what.

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